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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Gump in Limbo? (was RE: Specifying ANT files)
Date Sat, 21 Jun 2003 14:13:31 GMT
Adam Jack wrote:
> Sam wrote:
> 	However, (and this isn't directed specificaly at you, Berin), as long as
> 	Gump is perceived as my codebase it doesn't really belong here.
> I am a pretty heavily invested user, right now, and hope to become even more
> so. I'd happily contribute more than I do. I've considered working on
> supplying gump patches in order to work toward contributor status one day,
> but I feel that gump is in limbo between existing and Python
> implementations. I am not sure which to invest in. Same with documentation
> changes. A decision on the future of Gump would certainly help me...

I can't tell you what you what to invest in.  However, whatever choice 
you make will influence others.  There have been attempts to rewrite 
Gump in Java.  In Ant.  And now in Python.  Each based on the assertion 
that Gump won't take off until it is rewritten.

And yet the original Java/XSLT base persists.

If development of the Python base were to rekindle, I would contribute 
to the effort.  I simply don't want to produce yet another codebase for 
which I am perceived as the primary, if not sole, author.

> Further, I couldn't find Gump in bugzilla (am I just missing it?) so I can't
> even contribute enhancement requests/bug reports. I have a few I need to do.
> Could somebody point me to the right place?

That I can help with.  Project gump created.  Two components are 
defined: java/xslt and python.

- Sam Ruby

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