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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Need help with how to fix Gump Struts build
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2003 09:17:56 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:
> Struts used to depend on Commons DBCP and Commons Pool, but these
> dependencies have been removed and replaced by one on the struts-legacy
> package. I know how to remove the old dependencies - that's easy - but I
> don't know how to deal with the new one.
> The catch is that struts-legacy is built from within the regular Struts
> source tree, but is not built as a part of the regular Struts build
> itself. To be more explicit, suppose you have the Struts tree checked out,
> and you want to build everything. You might do this:
> jakarta-struts> cd contrib\struts-legacy
> jakarta-struts\contrib\struts-legacy> ant clean dist
> jakarta-struts\contrib\struts-legacy> cd ..\..
> jakarta-struts> ant clean dist
> This assumes you have your struts-legacy.jar property set to pick up that
> jar from the appropriate build directory.
> I've looked at the jakarta-commons Gump descriptor for ideas, but it's not
> clear to me how I might apply that in a situation in which the targets are
> "nested" in the source tree the way the struts-legacy code is nested.
> I'd really appreciate some pointers on how to go about fixing this.
> (One day, I really will install Gump and get it up and running locally. So
> far, I just haven't found the time, but the Python version has piqued my
> interest even more. ;)

Based on this description... it looks like you have two projects in one 
module.  jakarta-struts-legacy has an ant basedir of 
"contrib/struts-legacy" and produces a struts-legacy.jar. 
jakarta-struts has a dependency on struts-legacy.

Does this answer the question?

> --
> Martin Cooper

- Sam Ruby

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