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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Stale Gumps (was RE: Gump using old ant build file.)
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 14:55:59 GMT

On Tuesday 24 June 2003 03:22, Christopher Lenz wrote:

> I would *strongly* doubt Gump using anything out-of-date in the build.

Actually, look here, it *is* using out of date stuff:


	cvs -z3 -d
update -P -d -A krysalis-version

	cvs [update aborted]: recv() from server
	cvs server: Updating krysalis-version
	/home/rubys/bin/timeout: timed out
	cvs [update aborted]: received termination signal

SourceForge have knobbled their CVS server against such accesses (in the
name of making developer lives easier) and much as this is an user
woe, two things:

1) Even if/when gump detects that CVS fails it only seems to mark the CVS
index in red, it doesn't mark the main build dashboard in red. As such, such
failures can go unnoticed. krysalis-version =
FAILED krysalis-version =

2) The reason the build dashboard isn't in red is that Gump doesn't (it
seems to me) clean out it's CVS area each time, so it has a "stale" copy of
the code with which to "update" the build area and with which to build.


3) Gump doesn't seem to clean out it's work area each time, which can be
confusing when profiles change and projects get renamed or go away.

This is one of the things I mean to log in the bug tracker, now Sam's
created it.

BTW: I suspect a fix might be in adding to the script that Sam
wrote, and Nick Chalko and I built upon. Not elegant (yet another language
in the mix, and no PC version) but easiest...

P.S. doing this truly sucks for gumping. I have no fix for that...



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