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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject RE: Packages when dist != gump...
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 14:11:27 GMT

	"package warnings" at the "end of the jar"?  At the end of the gen
	perhaps?  If so, these warnings should result in missing dependency errors.

Yes, "at end of gen". Hey, three letters, same number of vowels. ;-)
BTW: I do *not* believe they do result in missing dependency errors. I have
had similar log4j issues all along, and never seen log4j complaints.

> So, I have <depend project="ant" inherit="runtime" /> for my local project
> I have the 1.6alpha that allows me to avoid package warnings. If I don't
> specify the <module href="project/ant.xml"> in my project, something still
> seems to find it (to get those package warnings) but nothing gets added to
> my classpath in the file.
> So, I assume I add the package, but also reference the module in my
> I just tried that, and I get closer, but I get:
> 	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant.jar
> 	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant-antlr.jar
> 	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant-apache-bsf.jar
> 	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant-apache-resolver.jar
> 	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant-bcel.jar
> I don't see the package prefix.
	I'm guessing that you need to add

	   <project name="ant" package="apache-ant-1.6">

I have:

  <project name="ant" package="apache-ant-1.6alpha" />

I just added:

  <!-- Ant -->
  <module href="project/ant.xml" />

.. because I wasn't getting anything added to the classpath for my project
for these ant libs.

	or somesuch to either your workspace or profile.  Can you upload your
	workspace, profiles, and project definitions someplace that they can be
	looked at?

Is this enough? I use that that was check in, in order to copy
these. Since I put all my files into a sub-directory I am not sure you'll
see them all, it is a shame I didn't put them in a tsbuild1 (hostname)
subdirectory & have the copy all of that into here.

	Improved error checking is one of the primary focuses of the Python
	version of Gump.

I am going to download Python 2.2 to this box (as soon as I can) and try
working with that also.



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