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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject RE: Packages when dist != gump...
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 13:29:41 GMT

	Meanwhile, an ant-1.5.3.xml project definition may be in order.

Or I download ant 1.6alpha. That match/worked. Thanks.

BTW: The other questions -- what "happens" when I get those "package
warnings" at the end of the jar? Does ignore the fact? [I've not
seen missing dependency errors.]

So, I have <depend project="ant" inherit="runtime" /> for my local project &
I have the 1.6alpha that allows me to avoid package warnings. If I don't
specify the <module href="project/ant.xml"> in my project, something still
seems to find it (to get those package warnings) but nothing gets added to
my classpath in the file.

So, I assume I add the package, but also reference the module in my profile.
I just tried that, and I get closer, but I get:

	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant.jar
	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant-antlr.jar
	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant-apache-bsf.jar
	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant-apache-resolver.jar
	export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/lib/ant-bcel.jar

I don't see the package prefix.

Can anybody help me wade through this?



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