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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Another request .... updating/building a single project (or set)
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 14:49:20 GMT
This all falls to pieces if " clean X" only cleans X, but I do not
think it does...

When I am working on single projects (via CVS) I get problems trying to get
the updates into a solo build. Meaning I do the editing/testing on local PC,
I then check in the changes into CVS, then I kick off a remote Linux gump to
do a bigger/better test/check. Trouble is I don't have CPU/bandwith to want
to do a full build each time, I want a solo build.

As I understand it: X X

does not get me a fresh X. It gets me a fresh CVS/X. clean X

has the unfortunate side effect doing a "clean all" and hence of deleting
the built jars that X typically depends upon.

As such I end up copying from CVS/X to X each time, which is annoying --
especially when I forget.

If this is in any way applicable to new gump, could the equivalent to
" clean X" be created?


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