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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject [Cactus] Still some problems with web site publication
Date Sun, 25 May 2003 12:06:06 GMT
Hi Sam,

There are still gotchas with the cactus web site publication after the
Gump build.

On /www/, there are 3 files/directories related to


- I think jakarta-cactus-doc-20030518/ should be removed (but I can't do
it as I don't have the permissions)
- I think cactus0/ is the original site before you made the try. This I
will remove after you copy the 1.4.1 and clover-* directories (see
- cactus/ is probably from your last gump publication and is the cactus
web site.

There is a potential bug in the publication algorithm. It must
*override* the existing web site and not be a "clean" publication. This
is because there are some files that are not republished every time.
More specifically:

- cactus0/1.4.1 should also be in cactus/1.4.1 (however, I don't have
the rights to do the copy). Can you do that?
- cactus0/clover-12 and cactus0/clover-13 should also be in cactus/

The permissions should allow anyone from the group to have write access.

Can you either perform the change or change the permissions so that I
can do it?

Also, it seems the publication is not working fine as nothing has been
published since the 18th. For example the build was fine on the 25th but
nothing was published... Can you help?


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