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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject RE: [Cactus] Still some problems with web site publication
Date Mon, 26 May 2003 12:58:06 GMT

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> From: news [] On Behalf Of Sam Ruby
> Sent: 26 May 2003 14:21
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Cactus] Still some problems with web site publication


> > - cactus/ is probably from your last gump publication and is the
> > web site.
> >
> > There is a potential bug in the publication algorithm. It must
> > *override* the existing web site and not be a "clean" publication.
> > is because there are some files that are not republished every time.
> I'm a bit skeptical about this.  Things once part of the publishing
> will never be cleaned up.
> > More specifically:
> >
> > - cactus0/1.4.1 should also be in cactus/1.4.1 (however, I don't
> > the rights to do the copy). Can you do that?
> > - cactus0/clover-12 and cactus0/clover-13 should also be in cactus/
> For now, I've made any file in the root directory that starts with
> either "[0-9].[0-9]" or "clover-" excluded from the rsync.  Does this
> address this requirements.

Ok, I didn't know you were using rsync. Yes, it addresses my reqs
although 1.4.1 does not match "[0-9].[0-9]", right? When you say "root
directory" you mean /www/, right?

> > The permissions should allow anyone from the group to have write
> >
> > Can you either perform the change or change the permissions so that
> > can do it?
> Fixed.
> > Also, it seems the publication is not working fine as nothing has
> > published since the 18th. For example the build was fine on the 25th
> > nothing was published... Can you help?
> OK, I think I fixed this (note to self: directories in rsync need to
> terminated with a final '/').  Will watch tomorrow to see if this
> addresses the problem.

Cool. Thanks

There is something strange. It seems the cactus0/1.4.1 contents has been
removed. Not sure it this was done prior to the publication or after,
but the copied 1.4.1/ directory does not contain the correct files. I'll
need to rebuild the web site for 1.4.1 and upload it tonight.

Also, (or result in 404.


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