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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [RT]
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 14:42:17 GMT
Adam Jack wrote:
> Nicola wrote:
>>>I have recently looked again at Gump. IMVHO the problem with Gump ATM
>>>is not the language it's made with.
> Gump today is (as I understand it) Java + XSLT + batch/shell script + Perl
> ( What Sam is proposing is (as I understand it) primarily to replace
> the batch/shell script parts.

my understanding is that the idea is to replace all of it with python.

> Yesterday I was wondering if (as in ant) there was no barrier for Java to do
> these things and if Java was a better choice due to "community support" (and
> folks not wanting to install Python when they have Java already.) If Gump is
> to become an "end user" tool, perhaps with Eclipse plug-ins -- I could
> seethe HTML/e-mail output being replace by GUI constructs, and for that I'd
> have to imagine that Java would be most suited...

jython (you can drop in a jython.jar file somewhere and a have an 
implementation of the python language in java) could work there :D

- Leo

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