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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: How to detect "Friends of Gump"
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 10:13:57 GMT
on 4/8/03 10:54 PM Sam Ruby wrote:

> What is 2 to the 100th power?  A very big number.
> Permit me to explain.
> This is not the first time in the history of Gump that Fop has had a 
> major redesign.  Like Avalon was for the first year or so of Gump, Fop 
> seems to be a project in perpetual alpha.  Avalon I now have some real 
> hope for.  I'm not so sure of Fop.  I know that seems unduly harsh, but 
> I sense that that's the real essence of the metric that Stefano is 
> seeking: projects that one dare not depend on because they are currently 
> (and possibly perpetually?) in redesign.

Yes, this is exactly what I'm hoping to be able to find out.

> The reason I asked the question above is that the initial metrics that 
> Stefano proposed would lead one to the conclusion that fop is like junit 
> - one never sees a failure.  And that cocoon-block-fop is like xindice - 
> fails continuously but nobody cares.

Ah! gosh, you opened my eyes!!! the reports.txt doesn't have enough info
for what I'm trying to do!!! damn, damn, damn, damn.

The statistical information about the rate of failure of a single
project is useless if not combined with a cause-effect inter-project
fail analysis.

Thanks Sam, your guidance in this cross-pollination has been really


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