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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject How to detect "Friends of Gump"
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 14:24:46 GMT
I've been working more and more with gump and I've started to grow an
itch to differentiate those community who *care* about gump and those
who don't.

Along with the spirit of 'data emergence' which drives all my datamining
 experiences, I would like to ask here what you guys things of the

- add a gump the ability to dump the build information for public
long-term archiving (Sam told me privately he's already collecting
those, are they publicly accessible?)

- create a (simple yet meaningful) statistical model that will analize
the trend of 'green/red/yellow' status of each project to indicate its
'gump friendlyness'.

For being a 'friend of gump', I mean that the trend of
'green/red/yellow' transitions must change from a continous state, to a
fluctuating one.

Being a friend of gump doesn't mean that if your project builds every
night in a week, you are a gump friend, otherwise you are not.

Also, it should *NOT* try to 'rate' gump friendliness in a comparable
way, but only provide indication of what communities care about gump and
which do not.

These indications are great value for gump evangelizers who want to know
what projects need to be 'converted to gump'.

What do you think?


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