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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject RE: <jar
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 18:00:15 GMT

	> [BTW: I did a grep for 'redistributable' in the project directory,
	> and saw a very few. I saw a lot more things in my jars.dir.]

	This is because <redistributable/> can be inherited from the
	repository.  The Apache repositories ar not allowed to contain
	anything that's not redistributable anyway, so we mark the whole repo
	as redistributable - which accounts for most projects Gump builds.

That was it!!!! Thank you. I had copied a apache repository in order to
create me repository and I did not have this in there. I've set it now and I
see the "cp" in the Thank you.

	> Workspace:
	> Module:

	looks fine so far, but ...


	only tells me that Centipede doesn't work for you, so the build isn't

The nature of gump ... it of course has worked for a long time previously,
just not last night. That said, I probably broke it yesterday when I tried
to split one local gump into three local gumps 'cos I was tired of some of
the cascading problems (in dependent build) making my builds not run and I
want mine each night (even if not on a complete fresh stack) so I have (1)
full stack (2) all my stuff (3) one project's set of modules.



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