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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject RE: Python Gump...
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2003 00:58:36 GMT

	You clearly don't understand.  ;-)

That is for certain. ;-)

	You would *think* that a filespec like "..\wdn086.xml" would be
	evaluated relative to your current working directory, wouldn't you?  I
	certainly would.

	But instead, it seems that the consensus is that this is to be evaluated
	relative to the directory above your current working directory.  I don't
	know about you, but I find that very confusing.

Hopefully it is just a transient thing during development of this, until the
python directory is removed to and the *.py's moved up to replace the
shell/batch scripts. Otherwise yeah, -1 on "..".

	Try "python wdn086.xml"

I did, as posted in last, same ending. Also works w/ no param, same ending.
Maybe it is some W2K thingie...

I guess since it is the last line perhaps I oughtn't care too much. That
said, maybe some "exception" is being throw 'cos I sure do not see anything
generated, no merge.xml anywhere or anything in the log directory.  Any way
I can get inside this further? I did the -d and -v but didn't learn much.



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