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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject RE: Package jar by id
Date Sat, 05 Apr 2003 13:19:24 GMT
Ok, my bad. I guess I am a little (lot) lost inside here & just not seeing

It turns out that these two are also dependences of commons-vfs not
jakarta-slide, I just wasn't seeing that since I was focused on
jakarta-slide. Further, they are module definitions w/o build scripts (for
whatever reason, license maybe) so I needed to install them as packages even
though I thought I was trying to build them. All perfectly clear once I can
see the wood for the trees....

Thanks for tolerance of the noise...


-----Original Message-----
From: Adam Jack []
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 8:38 AM
To: 'Gump code and data'
Subject: RE: Package jar by id

Stefan wrote:

	> 	Missing prereq
	> 	from jakarta-slide

	Is the file not there?

Actually, despite staring at it so much --- I finally realized, no it isn't.
The "dist/" in there is not in the package I installed. Sorry, I couldn't
see it thought it was staring me in the face.

I have found (and am removing) this in my hacked project/jakarta-slide.xml:

	   <home nested="dist"/>

[Since I don't want to build jakarta-slide, I just need the webdav client
from it, I hope there ought be no negative side effects.]

Giving another build a shot I now (only) get these two:

	Missing prereq /homelocal/build/gump-ws/jcifs/jcifs-0.7.1.jar from jcifs
	Missing prereq /homelocal/build/gump-ws/jsch/dist/lib/jsch-gump.jar from

how does gump 'know' these are needed since I've remove the <Depend entries
(see below.)

	The other two are "installed packages", things you have to download
	and put in the place referenced above in order to build VFS.

But I am no longer trying to build --- I installed the package (or so I
thought!) I guess Gump couldn't find the package, but did have a partial
project, so was trying to build.

	> I commented out those dependencies.

	Where?  How?

I edited my local project/jakarta-slide.xml file, based off your comments to
start removing <cvs> and <ant> elements and such. So, even if Gump was
trying to build it -- how did it "know" about these dependencies?

	commons-vfs does depend on them, so you cannot simply ignore those

But I installed the package, again -- or so I thought...



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