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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: What is Gump doing?
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2003 03:15:46 GMT
Howard M. Lewis Ship wrote:
> I'm getting a little closer with Gump and Tapestry.


> What is this "restoring build directories" stage?  It takes forever.

It copies all cvs directories to where they will be built.  On unix, I 
use rsync to minimize what is copied.  I presume this could also be used 
on Windows, but I've never invested the time to figure out how to make 
this work.

> Also, is there a template for adding in a new project definition?  I need to
> add a dependency on the OGNL ( library.  It's CVS isn't public,
> though it is BSD license.  Is this a case of stuffing the JAR into
> C:\Work\opt and creating some kind of reference to it?

Take a look at something like jcifs.  As this is an installed package, 
it requires two lines in gump.profile.

- Sam Ruby

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