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From Leo Simons <>
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 20:03:32 GMT
Hi all,

got my little server machine up and running. I've asked Sam to install 
some binary packages, meaning it will be doing full gump runs (no 
crontab installed yet though). Anyone volunteering to help do the gump 
admin on this machine, speak up, I'll get you an account.

This is an el-cheapo low-spec desktop machine in our living room, but it 
does have a good internet connection. I'm hoping it won't crash due to 
the hits the machine will receive as a result of this post ;). The 
university imposes a soft 10GB/week bandwidth limit on the connection, 
so I won't be serving jars from the box. If anyone has a need for 
testing stuff on a red hat box, though, just holler.

Basic specs
- AMD Duron 1200mhz
- 256 PC 2100
- 60GB maxtor
- nearly full Red Hat 8.0 install with latest patches, including apache, 
sendmail, etc etc.
- straight 100 Mbit connection; you should normally get roughly 5 mbs 
per sec, but its an el-cheapo ethernet adapter...



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