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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: account creation request for
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 19:08:46 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> Leo Simons wrote:
>> Hi root,
> Leo, I seriously doubt that root is subscribed here.

hehehe :D I sent this to root, CCed gump.

> Current status is a mess.  Bear with me.

sure. My main problem right now is that I have trouble getting the same 
versions of the binary packages as used for the main build, and it 
results in some difficult to track problems; I figured I'd grab this 
stuff from nagoya.

Also, I ordered myself some new hardware which I'm gonna hook up at home 
(one of the benefits of living on campus here is a 100 mbit connection 
:D) to run gump and some other stuff on, and it would be easiest to just 
set it up as a mirror.

> Pier has indicated that he will be disabling gump on nagoya for a period 
> of time while he performs various upgrades.  This suspension will only 
> be temporary.
> Covalent donated the use of a machine -  At the 
> moment, there has been problems with the hard drive which contains gump 
> data.  Until this is addressed, there is insufficient disk space to do a 
> build.  I am root on that machine, and once it is restored, I will give 
> you full read and write access to the gump files on that machine.  This 
> will include the ability to do test builds on individual projects 
> interactively.


> There is another machine,, that has been made available 
> to me.  Unfortunately, it segfaults when I try to do cvs updates.  I 
> need to find some time to debug this.

I've been 'playing' with moof too. I feel totally lost in OSX so far!

> The "primary" gump machine is on the third floor of my house.  I do not 
> give out guest accounts on that machine.


>> I am a committer and PMC member for the avalon project and I've been 
>> doing GUMP-related work in that respect for some time now.
> I know who you are.  ;-)

the assumption is, of course, there may be people working as root who 
don't know me (though I've been making more than my usual amount of 
noise lately ;)


- Leo

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