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From Tilman Giese <>
Subject Re: Path issue
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:30:39 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> What if source is already fully qualified?  What if source is a URL? 

OK. I switched to using URLs, but when I now invoke

./ http://gump.development.local/configuration/ramses.xml

I get the following error:


Publishing http://gump.development.local/configuration/ramses.xml
- ../http://gump.development.local/configuration/ramses.xml
Can't open ../http://gump.development.local/configuration/ramses.xml: No 
such file or directory at line 2.
- module_ant.xml

It seems that gump does not take care of URLs here, doesn't it?

Tilman Giese

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