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From Tilman Giese <>
Subject Path issue
Date Sun, 16 Mar 2003 12:55:31 GMT
I do not know, whether this is a bug or an enhancement request, but I 
have a little problem with paths. I wanted to keep my gump configuration 
completely separate from my checked out gump cvs directory and placed 
everything in a directory somewhere else. The host configuration file is 
/home/work/gump/configuration/hostname.xml and includes a lot of other 
files, e.g /home/work/gump/configuration/projects/project1.xml, so I 
specified the relative path projects/project1.xml in hostname.xml. But 
when running, I get the error message 
/home/gump-cvs/projects/project1.xml could not be found. I would 
appreciate if gump could take the basedir of the host configuration file 
to resolve includes.

Tilman Giese

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