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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Eclipse RC2 jars to install
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 13:48:27 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Vincent Massol <> wrote:
>>Can someone with access to gump machines (Sam?) install the new
>>Eclipse RC2 jars
> The only machine I have access to is, but I keep
> getting connection timeouts for ssh ATM 8-(

I swear I installed the last set of jars.  Likewise, I installed this 
set of jars.  The change in path this time will make it clearer that it 
was done - thanks Stephan!

Status update on all the 'gump' machines:

Rubix is an IBM machine assigned to me.  I do not give out guest 
accounts.  At the moment, it seems to produce the best results (speed, 
number of steps that pass), so it is the one I consider "official" 
(i.e., the one from which the nags are generated).  Should a better 
machine become available, I would gladly switch to it. is owned and operated by covalent.  I have root on 
that machine.  At the moment, there is a problem with a hard drive, and 
another one is on order.  Once it arrives and is installed, I will once 
again configure the machine to run gump. is owned by Sun and operated by Pier.  It is a 
multi-purpose machine.  Despite efforts to make it better, it does not 
seem to be particularly configured to support Java compiles.  Pier 
recently asked that the gump runs on this machine be suspended so that 
he could reconfigure the machine. is an Apple machine operated by Wilfredo Sanchez and 
Pier.  It seems to have enough disk space and previously was able to run 
gump quite adequately, but at the moment trying to run the generated produces a segment violation.

Does anybody know of any other machine that could be be used off hours 
in the local time zone of the machine?  I would gladly set things up and 
a number of us (including, I'm sure, Stefan) would maintain it.  Simple 
user accounts are all that is required, the key requirement is 6-7 
gigabytes of disk space.  Since all java compiles are single threaded 
and don't involve much network I/O, my experience is that the machine is 
still quite usable even during the build cycle.

> Stefan

P.S.  Anybody know where I can find a precompiled jsch-0.1.2?

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