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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: account creation request for
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 17:42:08 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
> Hi root,

Leo, I seriously doubt that root is subscribed here.

> please create an account for me on I want read access 
> to the GUMP installation and artifacts hosted on nagoya.
> uid: leosimons
> full name: Leo Simons
> public key: see attachment

Current status is a mess.  Bear with me.

Pier has indicated that he will be disabling gump on nagoya for a period 
of time while he performs various upgrades.  This suspension will only 
be temporary.

Covalent donated the use of a machine -  At the 
moment, there has been problems with the hard drive which contains gump 
data.  Until this is addressed, there is insufficient disk space to do a 
build.  I am root on that machine, and once it is restored, I will give 
you full read and write access to the gump files on that machine.  This 
will include the ability to do test builds on individual projects 

There is another machine,, that has been made available 
to me.  Unfortunately, it segfaults when I try to do cvs updates.  I 
need to find some time to debug this.

The "primary" gump machine is on the third floor of my house.  I do not 
give out guest accounts on that machine.

> I am a committer and PMC member for the avalon project and I've been 
> doing GUMP-related work in that respect for some time now.

I know who you are.  ;-)

> thanks! cheers,
> - Leo

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