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From "Howard M. Lewis Ship" <>
Subject RE: Gump / JAXP
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 16:47:31 GMT
> Ultimately, perhaps.  However this failure is purely a matter of 
> inconsistent project definitions at this point.  Whether or 
> not what you 
> define in your project definitions matches what you have on disk is 
> another matter.

Perhaps some refactoring would be useful.  I think you want to differentiate
between defining
a module (and the projects it contains), and including that module in the

It would be nice if the profile specified which modules to build, which to
(automatically) obtain prebuilt binaries for.

You could keep a long list of modules and, when you decide to build a module
with dependencies, Gump could assist you with extending your build and
include list of modules (or even do it for you).  

In other words, I would define that Tapestry relies on, say,
jakarta-digester.  The module definition for jakarta-digester would indicate
which other modules (say, xerces or crimson, plus commons-beanutils and
commons-collections) jakarta-digester relies on.  I would maintain the
option of building jakarta-digester from source or having Gump obtain the
right binaries.

I can imagine the profile looking something like:

  <module ...>
  <module ...>

  <build-module name="jakarta-digester"/>
  <include-module name="jakarta-beanutils"/>
  <build-module name="jakarta-tapestry"/>

This would tell Gump to buld tapestry and digester from source, and to
obtain binaries for beanutils.

Gump should be able to identify any modules that are depended on but not
included or built.

Another option would be to specify what to do for missing modules: complain,
include binaries, or build from source.  Either the profile, or individual
<build-module> elements could have an attribute to control this.

Perhaps I'm ahead of myself, since I haven't gotten my first Gump build
working yet!

Howard M. Lewis Ship
Creator, Tapestry: Java Web Components

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