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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Package jar by id
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2003 15:47:56 GMT
I am trying to gump something that depends upon commons-vfs. In order to
build that I need (from the commons-vfs gump.xml):

	<depend project="jakarta-slide" ids="client-webdavlib" />

I tried building slide, but to no avail -- too many dependencies for me to
handle, so I installed the package:

	  <project name="jakarta-slide" package="jakarta-slide" />

and I downloaded the nightly drop.

When I run I get this error:

	Dropping project commons-vfs because of Exception java.lang.Exception: A
jar wit
h id "client-webdavlib" was not found in project "commons-vfs" referenced by
project jakarta-slide

.. but I do NOT get any complaints about my package.

In the project/jakarta-slide.xml (does it still use this even if my profile
doesn't include it?) I see :

    <jar name="client/lib/slide-webdavlib.jar" id="client-webdavlib"/>

and that file exists.

I tried including it in my profile, but then it tries to build it. I tried
remove="true", but same result as above.

Help appreciated.


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