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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-gump/project avalon-excalibur.xml
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 15:03:05 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> wrote:
>  > leosimons    2003/02/27 04:11:10
>  >
>  > Modified:    project  avalon-excalibur.xml Log: the vector of change
>  > of altrmi is bigger than that of the excalibur projects. To be able
>  > to fix gump errors further down the dependency tree (ie cocoon deps
>  > on avalon and stuff like that), I am temporarily breaking the
>  > "continuous integration" cycle by having excalibur depend on a
>  > specific version of altrmi. It is not possible to depend on a
>  > specific branch or tag for altrmi as none exist.
> Interesting.  The failures last night were due to a removal of imports 
> in a key project - excalibur-logger.

I know, and Berin has fixed (here you see the benefit of a working gump 
install!). This was just a dumb accident, not an intentional change, and 
gump helped us catch it.

Some failures in excalibur from a few nights before were due to moving 
of classes between packages within altrmi (ie 
I've updated excalibur to know about these moves so this error is also 
fixed, but I expect there will be quite a few more moves over the next 
few weeks. Intentional changes with which it is hard to keep up.


- Leo

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