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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: cvs commit: jakarta-gump/repository incubator.xml]
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 22:37:58 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> OK, I updated the gump descriptors to handle the move of altrmi to 
> incubator.  I would appreciate it if some people verified a few things 
> for me:
> 1) does the build of altrmi require phoenix?

IIRC it requires phoenix-client.jar and phoenix-metagenerate.jar, but 
nothing else. This is true for many projects (like those in avalon-apps) 
which are listed to depend on phoenix but only depend on a few jars.

> 2) does the build of excalibur component require altrmi?

excalibur component requires instrument-manager which requires altrmi. 
Making altrmi an optional dependency for instrument-manager is on the todo.

> 3) does altrmi work with the BSD licensed version of jsch?

I think not. I believe paul has changed altrmi so it no longer uses jsch 
at all but haven't had a time to look at it yet.

> 4) is general@incubator the right place for nag e-mails?

no (I think). It should be

> If any of these are incorrect, please either drop an e-mailto 
> or simply directly update the jakarta-gump cvs 
> repository with the correct information.

will travel.

- Leo

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