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From Leo Simons <>
Subject gump & avalon & altrmi problems cont'd...
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 13:12:34 GMT
been working on our gump setup locally. Fixed a few things. One thing I got:

      [java] java.lang.Exception: Circular dependency loop involving:
      [java]   avalon-cornerstone
      [java]   excalibur-component
      [java]   incubator-altrmi
      [java]   excalibur-instrument-manager
      [java]   excalibur-datasource
      [java]   excalibur-testcase
      [java]     at Project.sort(
      [java]     at Project.load(
      [java]     at Jenny.<init>(
      [java]     at Jenny.main(

altrmi depends on cornerstone, which depends on datasource, which 
depends on testcase and component, which depend on instrument-manager, 
which has an optional dependency on altrmi.

If the optional dependency on altrmi within instrument-manager is 
removed, things 'work'.

However, it seems like the actual change we need to make is to finish 
the split of avalon-cornerstone, so that altrmi depends on 
cornerstone-connection & cornerstone-socket, and excalibur-datasource 
depends on cornerstone-datasource.

The third alternative is to take advantage of the fact that the altrmi 
dependency for instrument-manager is optional, and add an extra target. 
As this is the easiest one it is what I did :D


- Leo

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