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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Newbie problems..
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 20:02:00 GMT
Adam Jack wrote:
> Hello
> I am attempting to set up a Gump on a W2K machine so I can build my work,
> against the software it uses (lots of Apache stuff). I seem to be making
> some progress -- I extracted Gump from CVS, I followed the usage.html
> guidelines, I've ensured I have "javac"/"cvs" et al on the path. Things
> appears to be going "generally ok".
> Then, as I start (re-adding) lots of projects to my profile -- in an attempt
> to resolve dependencies -- I started
> getting more than I could cope with, at least -- so far. I've tried adding
> more and more as needed, including
> xml-xerces, but I still seem to get this gen output (see below).
> When I do an "update all" I do see 'xml-xerces' being updated, so something
> found it. Can somebody give me pointers on what might be wrong, and also --
> is my approach wrong? Is there a way for "my personal gump" to rely upon a
> remote repository of built components? Ought I attempt to build locally, or
> copy?

There are several questions in there.  What follows is some speculation 
on my part, but here goes...

The nulls are disturbing.  My guess is that it is because you removed 
the "<!-- Installed packages -->" section of the gump profile.  If so, 
gump should produce more meaningful error messages.

Re: xml-xerces: update uses the modules name, build dependencies use the 
package name.  In many cases these are the same, but they need not be. 
In this case, xml-xerces contains xml-xerces1, and xml-xerces2 contains 
xml-xerces.  Yes, this is confusing.

As far as your "personal gump" goes, the idea is that you should 
*either* build or install every dependency.  If you install it, it needs 
to have a line with package= in your profile, otherwise, you include a 
project definition which helps you build it.

I hope this helps.

- Sam Ruby

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