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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: a javadoc generation question
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 02:12:49 GMT
Rodney Waldhoff wrote:
> After a couple of false starts (figuring out how to get the paths right
> into gump), I recently was able to add a simple module (commons-functor)
> to the gump build.
> Everything seems to be working out just fine, with build reports [1],
> generated jars [2], and even javadocs [3].  The only trouble is, the
> gump-generated javadocs seem to include all my test classes (under
> src/test) in additional to my "core" java code (under src/java).  For
> example, see [4].  For the life of me, and I can't figure out why this is
> happening. (In particular, it doesn't happen when I run "ant dist"
> directly.)  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> On a somewhat related note, while I'm familiar with "ant gen", is there
> anything else I fairly easily do to test a gump run on a specific
> project?  For example, has anyone tried to make it possible to run a
> pseudo-gump build, specifying the source JARs for dependencies directly in
> some way, but running a given project build via gump?

I am going to give a number of answers.  Pick the one that you like best.

1) All Gump does is specify the JARs for dependencies, and invoke Ant. 
Take a peek at the generated or build.bat.  Look for 
":commons-functor" (in batch) or "$commons_functor" and look at the next 
few lines.  The copy and make directories, then set up the classpath, 
then changes directory, and then invokes ant.  Don't be afraid to modify 
these lines as you can always regen.

2) "ant gen" uses the basedir and jardir specified in rubypad.xml.  If 
you modify these and regen (or do a global replace in the generated 
script), then you can build using your current directory structure.  You 
can download all the jars you need at  If you are not bandwidth 
constrained, you may find it convenient to download  (Note: 
at the time I am sending this, has not yet been produced for 
today.  This will be done shortly.  You can always go back to prior days)

3) I can create a user for you on where you can 
directly manipulate a full installation.

> Thanks in advance,
>  - Rod

- Sam Ruby

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