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From Rodney Waldhoff <>
Subject a javadoc generation question
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 23:47:15 GMT
After a couple of false starts (figuring out how to get the paths right
into gump), I recently was able to add a simple module (commons-functor)
to the gump build.

Everything seems to be working out just fine, with build reports [1],
generated jars [2], and even javadocs [3].  The only trouble is, the
gump-generated javadocs seem to include all my test classes (under
src/test) in additional to my "core" java code (under src/java).  For
example, see [4].  For the life of me, and I can't figure out why this is
happening. (In particular, it doesn't happen when I run "ant dist"
directly.)  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

On a somewhat related note, while I'm familiar with "ant gen", is there
anything else I fairly easily do to test a gump run on a specific
project?  For example, has anyone tried to make it possible to run a
pseudo-gump build, specifying the source JARs for dependencies directly in
some way, but running a given project build via gump?

Thanks in advance,
 - Rod

[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>
[4] <>

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