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Subject re: Gump and Jaxp?
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 02:36:55 GMT
Conor Writes:
> Whilst it is not needed for JDK 1.4, Gump still requires it explicitly. 
I presume 
> this is because Gump still supports JDK 1.3. To solve this you need to 
> the JAXP package into your package directory.

Thanks for this Conor. How bizarre we go to all this trouble to build from 
source and still have to rely on a prebuilt jar for jaxp. I thought 
xml-commons had jaxp in it's charter?

> If you look at your workspace element, you'll see something like
> <workspace basedir="/home/gump/gumprun" pkgdir="/opt"
> sync="rsync -r -a --delete" version="0.3">

> So, you need to grab the JAXP stuff from sun and install in /opt, or 
wherever your pkgdir points to.

Cool, will do.

> I downloaded the latest XML pack from Sun recently but this is now newer 
than that used by Gump, so I symlinked it.
> java_xml_pack-summer-02 -> java_xml_pack-summer-02_01
> and within that
> jaxp-1.2 -> jaxp-1.2_01

Where does the '-summer-02' come from? the module name is 'java-xml-pack' 
right? Is there any doco on the layout of the pkgdir? I can't find any on
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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