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Subject NSUML and bootstrapping
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 00:10:50 GMT
Sam Writes:
> wrote:
>  +    <depend project="nsuml">
> For this to work, we need a descriptor for nsuml. As a suggestion, it 
generally is a good idea to run the "gen" target of jakarta-gump's 
build.xml. The only
> prereqs to run this is JDK 1.4 and Ant. Or a prior version of the JDK 
and Xerces and Xalan or equivalent. Building the gen target runs in well 
under a
> minute on my laptop.

I know there's no descriptor for nsuml, but I thought it better to get 
graph in and work on the next thing, rather than do it all at once.
I've been running gump on my laptop as well, but you'll notice from posts 
that it's been a little problematic.

> I also note that the nsuml project is LGPL. Given that java has no 
concept that corresponds to a link as defined by this license, a 
conservative reading of
> the license would make this equivalent to GPL, and require all code that 

is distributed with it to be licensed under a compatible license.

And hence we don't distribute it with either graph or maven. It is 
available for download from ibiblio, as the other maven jars are.

> P.S. I'm pleased to see you diving in like this!
Now I can actually change things and get them working, it's a lot easier.

But it kinda makes me wonder why we are trying to get a gump descriptor 
generated for maven projects that runs ant, rather than gump bootstrapping 

maven and adding a 'maven' tag to the project definition.

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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