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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: replacing a build dependency system with gump
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 17:13:42 GMT
Nick Chalko wrote:
> The idea I was toying with was
>    changing the "drop project becuse missing dependency  foo" step of
>    gump  to be "adding project foo, to the list of downloads"  and then
>    have ruper grab all the files and place them in the "packages dir".
> see

Can Ruper be bootstrapped?  Would the authors of Ruper consider donating 
  this code to the ASF?

Both of the above are simply questions - not prerequisites.

As to your specific proposal, I'm concerned about co-evolution.  Suppose 
a new Jelly tag requires something to be added to the core of Jelly. 
Since this tag will either be released concurrently with, or after Jelly 
is, this is not a problem.  However, suppose one day somebody forgets a 
semicolon in a commit to Jelly...

- Sam Ruby

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