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From Nick Chalko <>
Subject Re: replacing a build dependency system with gump
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 16:48:04 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> Leo Simons wrote:
>> I'm wondering where to go next. Would it be a good idea to copy some 
>> of maven's auto-get-this-jar-from-repo functionality to gump, or 
>> should gump remain purely focused on integration builds?
> Being able to get a jar would be very helpful for retrieving the 
> redistributable components of 
>  My only 
> concern is that I don't want the people who are creating a project to 
> be able to dictate the versions of the dependencies used.  They should 
> get the first say, of course, but the person doing the integration 
> should get the final say.

The idea I was toying with was

    changing the "drop project becuse missing dependency  foo" step of
    gump  to be "adding project foo, to the list of downloads"  and then
    have ruper grab all the files and place them in the "packages dir".


has gump <depend> tasks as nested elements,  the only addition is a 
"repository" element so ruper knows where to look for the jar at and a 
optional "version" attribute..  

Ruper is pretty good at handling different versions.    

The ruperDepend code is working and tested

Although it still fails in centipede because the Ant Reference to the 
generated path, is not available outside of the getcorelibs  import.

Nick Chalko                                         Show me the code.
  Ant + autodownloadable build plugins + needed jars autodownload.

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