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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: replacing a build dependency system with gump
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 12:08:53 GMT
I browsed around my centipede beta4 install (which is just sitting on 
disk doing nothing atm) and the website, and I can't really figure out 
where to start. Where do I look?

I have:
- working and configured ant 1.5.1 install (C:\Progam Files\Apache 
- full, working, up2date and configured local gump install (C:\gump\) 
with checkouts of all projects it manages
- working centipede beta4 install( C:\Progam Files\Krysalis\centipede\)
- working forrest 0.2.1 install (C:\Progam Files\Apache Group\Forrest\)
- working maven beta7 install (C:\Progam Files\Apache Group\Maven\)
- working latest full cygwin (C:\cygwin\)
- paths and variables all setup correctly

What I want is to:
- set up a neat alternative to the depchecker.xml script & friends in 
jakarta-avalon-excalibur using one or more of these tools, so I can
	a) do test integration builds (already there)
	b) do release builds (not there yet)
- then make this as easy as possible and document the process so others 
can do the same thing (todo)
- reduce the buildfiles in the avalon project and my own software 
projects to the minimum size and number possible (todo)
- automate (todo)
- reduce the number of bullets in the list above (ie the build prereqs) 
to none, allowing something like

`links -source | bash; build-project`

with minimal download time, minimal running time, and with minimal 
expenditure of energy on my part. (probably not happening soon)

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> I've been experimenting with removing the Avalon-Excalibur ant-based 
>> dependency mechanism, and instead relying on gump to track the 
>> dependencies. This turns out to be pretty easy to do, but it leads to 
>> a dilemma: while I want my nightly builds to be done using 
>> the-latest-of-everything, I want my releases to be done using 
>> the-latest-release-of-everything.
> Centipede uses the Gump descriptors to do it.


> IMHO Gump should remain about integration builds, and Centipede used to 
> build a single module. But this is just MHO.

In my even more humble, mostly uninformed, and moreover mostly pointless 
because not actually helping much opinion, ant2 should be based around 
jelly, then maven and centipede refactored and merged, then gump reduced 
to a GUI/CUI, a script or two, and some xml files layered on top of that.

Disregarding MHO, I'm right now just looking for the simplest thing that 
will possibly work :D


- Leo

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