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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Gump and Jaxp?
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 04:55:32 GMT wrote:
> Mind if I add something similar to that text to the docs?

Please do.  Most of this stuff is now second nature to me, so it helps 
if it is seen through fresh eyes.  Put it in terms that make sense to 
you.  Don't be overly concerned about technical accuracy as I (and 
others) can spot things that are clearly wrong... what I am less good at 
is spotting things that are unclear or outright missing.

I just realized that I didn't describe the build.xml that is in gump. 
After the bootstrap, this is handy for two things: rebuilding the 
scripts ( and or rebuilding the site.  Building it 
this way is much faster than using the gen script.

I just added a nsuml project description.  The way I did it was to add a 
very minimal description (only dependencies were ant and xerces).  Then 
I did:

build gump scripts
update nsuml
build nsuml

Then I would find an error which I fixed(couldn't gen, so added 
nsmdf_gen.jar) and then issued:

build gump scripts
build nsuml

This time it failed due to a missing nsmdf.jar.  I added it and repeated 
the above two steps and all worked.  I then tried "build commons-graph2" 
and got a failure.  The failure looks to me like the build.xml that is 
checked into that repository was generated by an old version of maven, 
but we can debug that tomorrow.

> And to think you committed my first patch to Ant back in 1996 I think :) I 
> hear you about tone of voice in email. I'm not the smoothest of people 
> when it comes to email.

Couldn't have been that far back, Ant didn't get started until 1999 
IIRC.  ;-)

But I do remember you being interested in NetRexx support... ;-)

- Sam Ruby

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