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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Gump and Jaxp?
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 03:22:37 GMT wrote:
> Answering my own question: the profile 'extends' a project by adding a 
> 'package' which is actually the directory in the 'pkgdir' of the 
> 'workspace'.
> Clear as mud.

Sigh.   This was done in an attempt to appease an individual who 
apparently could not be appeased.

For now, lets focus on the fact that in the last few days you have 
become aware of a number of integration issues that you otherwise would 
not have been aware of without gump.  If we can build upon that, we can 
truly have an early warning and feedback cycle between all projects.

Let me be quite clear: I don't care if every last shred of code and/or 
data in Gump is replaced.  What I do care is that there is some 
mechanism to do a complete and clean bootstrap from source of every ASF 
java component, and when there is cross dependencies between such 
components, that the version of such dependencies used in the complation 
process is either the HEAD or a tagged version of such dependencies that 
have themselves been built in this way.

- Sam Ruby

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