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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: NSUML and bootstrapping
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 01:50:03 GMT wrote:
> I know there's no descriptor for nsuml, but I thought it better to get 
> graph in and work on the next thing, rather than do it all at once.
> I've been running gump on my laptop as well, but you'll notice from posts 
> that it's been a little problematic.

Putting in a descriptor with an unresolved dependency means that that 
component is not built.

> But it kinda makes me wonder why we are trying to get a gump descriptor 
> generated for maven projects that runs ant, rather than gump bootstrapping 
> maven and adding a 'maven' tag to the project definition.
> comments?

That would be an excellent goal.  A few things to work on...

1) first we need maven itself to be built successfully.  Just like we 
bootstrap ant itself and then use that version of ant for the rest of 
the builds, I'd like to always use the latest maven.

1a) as a corrolary to (1), it would be nice to have a lean core version 
of maven.  As it stands now, maven depends on an awful lot, which means 
that those things it depends on directly or indirectly would need to 
have static descriptors.

2) maven has its own ideas of what versions of dependencies are to be 
used.  There needs to be a way to specify to maven to never use the jars 
provided or to download jars.  All other maven functions, however, can 
work as is.

3) there also is the issue of ordering maven builds.  Between Maven and 
Gump, somebody would need to understand enough of maven's project 
descriptors to order the compilations of projects.

- Sam Ruby

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