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From Morgan Delagrange <>
Subject Re: nsUML is dead? [was: Re: [Graph] nsuml changes?]
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 08:28:53 GMT

--- Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Morgan Delagrange
> <> wrote:
> > Let's say "theoretically" ;) that I wanted to use
> a
> > fixed version of nsUML for the time being.  What
> would
> > I do?
> "theoretically" you have two options (and only if
> they have tagged
> their CVS appropriately, otherwise only option two
> is available):  
> (1) Add a tag="..." to the <module> element of nsuml
> an check out the
> CVS version that matches the fixed version.

It's not obvious from the repository where that would
be.  It's clear that they have rearranged their
repository around their new API.  I guess I'd have to
subscribe to their list and ask around.  I'm not sure
what the benefit would be of pointing to a dead branch
of their CVS tree though.  From their archives, it's
not looking likely that they're going to continue
developing their new, incomplete API, but I see no
indication at all that they plan to resume with the
old API either.

> (2) Make it an installed package.
> I'd go for (1) as it allows an easy route to switch
> back to HEAD as
> soon as it seems to be maintained again.
> > Or is this solution unjustifiable?
> It depends on how dead development of nsUML really
> is, I guess.  The
> people who are involved in commons-graph may be
> interested in keeping
> it alive.

I don't know how central the UML stuff is to graph.  

I think I just passed my "I don't care THAT much"
threshhold.  I'm trying to picture myself tracking
down the 0.4.20 branch so I can whip the graph
developers into a quixotic crusade to save it.  I
don't even use graph myself.  :)  Its only consumer in
GUMP is Maven.

- Morgan

> Stefan
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Morgan Delagrange

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