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Subject cvs commit: gump/tracker apache-jira.xml
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 04:34:10 GMT
bodewig     2005/07/12 21:34:10

  Modified:    .        README.txt
  Removed:     .        LICENSE.txt freej-workspace.xml
                        minimal-workspace.xml validate workspace.xml
               dtd      README.txt profile.dtd project.dtd repository.dtd
               profile  apache-avalon.xml apache-cocoon.xml depot.xml
                        freej-profile.xml gump-n.xml gump.xml
               project  adaptx.xml anakia.xml ant-1.5.xml
                        ant-contrib-cpptasks.xml ant-contrib.xml ant.xml
                        antlr.xml antworks-antlets.xml
                        antworks-importer.xml aopalliance.xml
                        apache-httpd.xml apollo.xml apr-iconv.xml
                        apr-util.xml apr.xml asm.xml aspectj-cvs.xml
                        aspectj.xml avalon-sandbox.xml avalon-tools.xml
                        axion.xml barcode4j.xml bdb-je.xml beanshell.xml
                        beaver.xml beepcore.xml bouncycastle.xml bsf.xml
                        cargo.xml castor.xml caucho-libs.xml checkstyle.xml
                        classpath.xml classworlds.xml clover.xml
                        commonj.xml commons-httpclient-2.0-branch.xml
                        cos.xml cppunit.xml cryptix.xml d-haven.xml
                        db-commons-sandbox.xml db-commons.xml db-derby.xml
                        db-ojb.xml db-torque.xml depot.xml
                        directory-apacheds.xml directory-asn1.xml
                        directory-authx.xml directory-kerberos-protocol.xml
                        directory-ldap-shared.xml directory-mina.xml
                        directory-naming.xml dom4j-HEAD.xml dom4j.xml
                        domts.xml dougLea.xml dumbster.xml easymock.xml
                        easymockclassextension.xml eclipse.xml ehcache.xml
                        ejb.xml excalibur-legacy.xml excalibur.xml
                        eyebrowse.xml fesi.xml forehead.xml forrest.xml
                        freemarker.xml geronimo.xml ggf-cddlm.xml
                        groovy.xml gump.xml hibernate.xml hsqldb.xml
                        httpunit.xml ibatis.xml icu4j.xml
                        incubator-altrmi.xml invicta.xml iso-relax.xml
                        j2ee-connector.xml jaas.xml jacorb.xml jaf.xml
                        jakarta-bcel.xml jakarta-bsf.xml jakarta-cactus.xml
                        jakarta-commons-sandbox.xml jakarta-commons.xml
                        jakarta-ecs.xml jakarta-hivemind.xml
                        jakarta-jetspeed.xml jakarta-jmeter-20.xml
                        jakarta-oro.xml jakarta-pluto.xml jakarta-poi.xml
                        jakarta-regexp.xml jakarta-servletapi-4.xml
                        jakarta-servletapi-5.xml jakarta-servletapi.xml
                        jakarta-site2.xml jakarta-slide.xml
                        jakarta-taglibs.xml jakarta-tapestry.xml
                        jakarta-tomcat-33.xml jakarta-tomcat-40.xml
                        jakarta-tomcat-5.xml jakarta-tomcat-catalina.xml
                        jakarta-tomcat-jasper_tc5.xml jakarta-tools.xml
                        jakarta-turbine-2.xml jakarta-turbine-3.xml
                        jakarta-turbine-fulcrum.xml jakarta-turbine-jcs.xml
                        jakarta-velocity-tools.xml jakarta-velocity.xml
                        jakarta-watchdog.xml james-server.xml janino.xml
                        java-runtime-1.3.xml java-service-wrapper.xml
                        java-xml-pack.xml javacc.xml javagroups.xml
                        javamail.xml javasrc.xml javassist-2.x.xml
                        javassist.xml jaxen.xml jaxp-13.xml jce.xml
                        jcharts.xml jcifs.xml jdbc.xml jdbm.xml jdepend.xml
                        jdo.xml jdom.xml jena.xml jetty.xml jetty4.xml
                        jfor.xml jgen.xml jgroups.xml jimi.xml jisp.xml
                        jline.xml jms.xml jmx.xml jmxremote.xml jndi.xml
                        jsch.xml jsf.xml jsse.xml jstl-jsp-12.xml jta.xml
                        jtidy.xml jts.xml junit-addons.xml junit.xml
                        junitperf.xml jython.xml kaffe.xml ldap.xml
                        lenya.xml logging-chainsaw.xml logging-log4cxx.xml
                        logging-log4j-12.xml logging-log4j.xml
                        lucene-java.xml maven-javaapp-plugin.xml
                        maven-xdoclet-plugin.xml maven.xml mockobjects.xml
                        msv.xml multipartrequest.xml muse.xml mx4j.xml
                        myfaces.xml nanocontainer.xml nant.xml nekohtml.xml
                        nekopull.xml nsuml.xml ognl.xml openejb.xml
                        opensaml.xml opensymphony.xml packaged-asm.xml
                        packaged-dom4j.xml packaged-groovy.xml
                        packaged-jaxen.xml packaged-jetty.xml
                        packaged-strutstestcase.xml packaged-xom.xml
                        picocontainer.xml qdox.xml quartz.xml radeox.xml
                        relaxng.xml resin.xml rhino-cocoondev.xml rhino.xml
                        saxon6.xml saxon7.xml saxpath.xml scarab.xml
                        smartfrog.xml snacc4j.xml spring.xml stax.xml
                        struts-sslext.xml struts.xml strutstestcase.xml
                        tagish.xml tagsoup.xml tl-netty2.xml town.xml
                        tranquilo.xml uddi4j.xml village.xml webwork.xml
                        which4j.xml ws-axis.xml ws-fx.xml ws-jaxme.xml
                        ws-juddi.xml ws-soap.xml ws-wsif.xml ws-wsil.xml
                        ws-wsrp4j.xml ws-xmlrpc.xml wsdl4j.xml xdoclet.xml
                        xjavadoc.xml xml-apis-12.xml xml-batik.xml
                        xml-commons.xml xml-crimson.xml
                        xml-fop-maintenance.xml xml-fop.xml
                        xml-security.xml xml-site.xml xml-stylebook.xml
                        xml-xalan.xml xml-xerces.xml xml-xerces2.xml
                        xml-xindice.xml xml-xmlbeans.xml xmlunit.xml
                        xom.xml xpp.xml
               repository ant.xml apache-httpd.xml apache-incubator-svn.xml
                        apr.xml avalon-svn.xml avalon.xml cargo.xml
                        castor.xml classpath.xml cocoon.xml cocoondev.xml
                        codehaus.xml codehaus_projects.xml codehaus_scm.xml
                        db.xml dbxml.xml directory.xml eclipse.xml
                        excalibur-svn.xml exolab.xml forrest.xml
                        geronimo.xml gleamynode.xml groovy.xml gump.xml
                        icu-project.xml incubator.xml intalio.xml
                        jacorb.xml jakarta-svn.xml jakarta.xml james.xml
                        javanet.xml jdom.xml kaffe.xml krysalis.xml
                        lenya.xml logging.xml lucene.xml maven.xml
                        mozilla.xml objectweb.xml opensaml.xml
                        sourceforge.xml struts-svn.xml tigris.xml w3c.xml
                        webservices.xml whichever.xml ws-fx.xml ws.xml
                        wyona.xml xml-svn.xml xml.xml xmlgraphics.xml
                        xpp.xml zenplex.xml
               resources/test/cvs-modules/module1 build.xml
               server   brutus.xml
               tools    externals.xslt
               tracker  apache-jira.xml
  clean up
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +1 -58     gump/README.txt
  Index: README.txt
  RCS file: /home/cvs/gump/README.txt,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- README.txt	4 Oct 2004 00:02:13 -0000	1.1
  +++ README.txt	13 Jul 2005 04:33:50 -0000	1.2
  @@ -1,58 +1 @@
  -                          +--------------------------------------+
  -                          |   Apache Gump Metadata Repository    |
  -                          +--------------------------------------+
  - What is this?
  - -------------
  - This is the repository that contains the project metadata used by the Apache Gump tool

  - to operate and continously build and integrate software projects.
  - Where is the code?
  - ------------------
  - The code is located in another repository, to make it easier for people just to focus
  - on the metadata and let the gump dev team deal with the issues of the program itself.
  - If you are interested, you can get a copy of the Gump code from the SVN repository located
  - at the URL:
  - Who can modify this metadata?
  - -----------------------------
  - All ASF committers can write in this repository.
  - This is a policy that the Gump project established to make it easier for projects to 
  - help them keeping the state of the tree in synch with the various projects, without
  - creating a scalability bottleneck.
  - Ok, I want to update my data but I don't understand what I can do. How do I proceed?
  - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  - The best place to start is to look at the other project descriptors for examples.
  - If you want a more detailed description of what each markup element does and what
  - Gump expects or can do, you might want to read the Gump Object Model documentation at
  - Hmmm, I think I'm a little lost. Who can help me?
  - -------------------------------------------------
  - Send an email at "general at" explaining your problem and you'll sure
  - receive some help. Don't worry about asking stupid questions, gumpers deal with these
  - things every day and are very patient people ;-)
  - Thanks for much for your help!
  -                                                         The Apache Gump Project
  +Module has been migrated to
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