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Subject svn commit: r123572 - /gump/branches/Dec04MajorCleanup/README.txt /gump/branches/Dec04MajorCleanup/hosts/
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 21:48:39 GMT
Author: leosimons
Date: Tue Dec 28 13:48:38 2004
New Revision: 123572

That's about as lean as it could get. Now try and make something work :-D.

Modified: gump/branches/Dec04MajorCleanup/README.txt
--- gump/branches/Dec04MajorCleanup/README.txt	(original)
+++ gump/branches/Dec04MajorCleanup/README.txt	Tue Dec 28 13:48:38 2004
@@ -18,37 +18,9 @@
 lines of code split up into hundreds of projects). For this purpose, the gump
 project maintains its own dedicated server.
-== Editing gump descriptors ==
-The gump metadata is currently still kept in CVS. Check it out in the right
-location using
-   ./gump get-metadata :ext:$
-where $username is the username of your apache account. The files will then
-be placed under metadata/project. Please use our validation commands before
-committing changed descriptors:
-   ./gump validate
-remember that the metadata is a CVS checkout, so commit using
-   cvs commit -m "Useful message here please!" metadata/
-thanks for helping out!
 == More Information ==
-Please see our website,, for more information. You can
-also generate that documentation using forrest. To do so, run
-   ./gump site
-which will generate the docs in build/site. We are currently using Forrest 0.6,
-which you can get from
+Please see our website,, for more information.
 == Command-Line Interface ==
@@ -56,20 +28,12 @@
    ./gump help
-for more information on the available commands. It's pretty straightforward (we
-== The Gump Blog ==
-We maintain a shared blog. See blog/ for more information. You're
-welcome to contribute!
+for more information on the available commands.
 == License ==
 Gump is available under the Apache License, version 2.0, which you can find in
-the LICENSE file.
+the LICENSE.txt file.
 The file bin/ is available under Zope Public License, version 2.1,
 which you can find in the LICENSE.ZPL.txt file.

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