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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: Us keyboard not work on XRDP
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2019 22:24:13 GMT
On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 3:28 PM ivanmarcus <>

> Manoj,
> There is some explanation in the link that Nick included, you will also
> see that Nick has merged the fix into the master code.
> In terms of your installation, no doubt someone will correct me if I'm
> wrong but I believe that if you (re)compiled Guacamole from source this fix
> would now be included and caps lock will work. However if you've installed
> from a binary it won't assist you until the next release.

Yes, you're correct - the change has been merged into the master code, so
the fix will only be available if you check out the git master branch and
compile it.

We don't distribute any binaries of the guacd code - the closest we come is
the Docker images, which are still compiled from source, so one way or the
other you'll probably be compiling this from source until we push new
Docker images.

> I'm not sure of your exact issue but I expect you noted this: "it only
> impacts the key up and down events for the Caps Lock key, not Caps Lock's
> effect on sending uppercase [A-Z] characters"?
> I mention this because I'm presently typing this response via a 1.0.0
> binary install of Guacamole to a Win7 VM and THE CAPS LOCK key works for
> capitalising what I type. FYI while I don't specifying it I am using a 'US
> keyboard'.
It's also worth noting that the Caps Lock key may be intercepted by O/S,
window manager, and/or browser before it actually hits Guacamole - this
will vary platform-to-platform and browser-to-browser - so if you're just
pressing the Caps Lock key expecting it to turn on in the RDP session, you
may be expecting something that won't work on your own platform.  One way
to begin to track this down is to enable Guacaomle's on-screen keyboard
(through the menu) and toggle Caps Lock from that keyboard to see if it
works within the RDP session.


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