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From surfrock66 <>
Subject Path forward to get Guacamole working with AD LDAP?
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2019 22:27:32 GMT
I'm pretty confused here, I see documentation that it should be relatively
painless to get LDAP with AD working with Guacamole, but I can't for the
life of me get it to work.  Our target clients will be Windows machines, so
RDP is critical.

My AD has users nested under sites under our root, so I cannot provide a
root DN that is not the root of my domain.  This is relevant later.  My

My preferred target platform is Ubuntu Server 19.04.  Using the docker
image, I cannot get AD authentication to work.  When viewing the docker
logs, I see this:

This error has been referenced before in GUACAMOLE-243 and a fix was applied
in 0.9.14, but it appears to have regressed in 1.0.0?

Full docker commands (with org stuff commented out) for completeness:

Seeing I could mess around with using the non-docker
build (, I sought out
compilation.    Due to the deprecation of libfreerdp on 19.04, compilation
is basically not an option; libfreerdp doesn't even correctly compile from
source and due to unstable dependencies it was determined by our
organization that this was not a sustainable solution.

I installed Ubuntu Server 18.10.  While guacamole-server compiles with some
difficulty, the "mvn package" command fails.  The java from repositories is
openjdk11 on ubuntu 18.10, and it's currently suffering from a javadoc bug
waiting on a backported fix: After trying to pull in
later openjdk binaries, it was determined by our organization this was an
unsupportable configuration.

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