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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: LDAP users automatically disconnected in RDP sessions
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2019 09:12:05 GMT
> [4] Syslog:
> guacd[2097]: WaitForSingleObject: unknown handle type 9737140978076182297
> kernel: [77606.505720] traps: guacd[22247] general protection
> ip:7f49951b8207 sp:7f4983ffd360 error:0 in
> [7f4995121000+1e7000]
> guacd[2097]: message repeated 6 times: [ WaitForSingleObject: unknown
> handle type 9737140978076182297]
> guacd[2097]: Connection "$ba6e1200-0f97-4f03-9cc6-08c32f5b407f" removed.
> guacd[2097]: guacd[2097]: INFO:#011Connection
> "$ba6e1200-0f97-4f03-9cc6-08c32f5b407f" removed.
> xrdp[22251]: (22251)(140100677732160)[DEBUG] Closed socket 12 (AF_INET6
> ::ffff: port 3389)
> xrdp[22251]: (22251)(140100677732160)[DEBUG] xrdp_mm_module_cleanup
> xrdp[22251]: (22251)(140100677732160)[DEBUG] Closed socket 17 (AF_UNIX)
> xrdp[22251]: (22251)(140100677732160)[DEBUG] Closed socket 18 (AF_UNIX)

Looks like the problem is probably here - the general protection fault
seems to be the culprit.  Two requests to further debug this:
- Can you start guacd in debug mode (-L debug) and grab that output?
- Can you run it with gdb to get a full stack trace, and post that?

I think there are a handful of bugs like this that have been fixed since
1.0.0 (upcoming 1.1.0 release), but that information would be helpful in
tracking it down.

It is possible the bug is in glibc ( and not in Guacamole,
especially if it showed up right after you did an update, and based on that
error message above, bug, again, some further log messages would be helpful
in tracking that down.


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