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From cram <>
Subject Re: Load balancing group throws - Cannot connect connection already in use by this user
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2019 17:23:04 GMT
> If you want to allow any individual user to establish multiple,
simultaneous connections to the group,
> you will need to set the "Maximum number of connections per user" setting
> on the connection group.
> By default, the database authentication extensions will limit the number
> of connections on a per-user 
> basis so that a single user will not be able to exhaust the pool of
> connections within the group on 
> their own.

I have set the limits to 100 users for the group and 100 connections for
each user and still facing the connection limit exhausted error

> Are you connecting to Guacamole through a proxy or reverse proxy
> that may not be correctly configured for WebSocket?

Checked with other websocket connections, they work without any issues.

Could there be any other issue causing this or anything I am missing?


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