On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 11:42 AM Nick Couchman <vnick@apache.org> wrote:
On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 2:19 PM Zer0Cool <melin3710@gmail.com> wrote:
Here is the error I get in /var/log/messages when loading the Guac
website/login page.

t-guac server: ### Error querying database.  Cause: java.sql.SQLException:
Error setting driver on UnpooledDataSource. Cause:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Yes, this is kind of what I would expect - the MariaDB connector has changed to the package name listed below, so code has to be tweaked to allow that.

I am by no means an expert but I think the issue is "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver".
According to this:
https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/about-mariadb-connector-j/#external-pool I
seems it would work with/expect "org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver" and the site

"Please note that the driver class provided by MariaDB Connector/J is not
com.mysql.jdbc.Driver but org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver!"

I have all the files in the same place I would otherwise, set SEL to
permissive just in case and double checked ownership and permissions and see
no issues like that. From what I can tell it doesnt seem like MariaDB
Connector J is compatible with Guacamole, maybe due to the above?

Saying it's not compatible is a bit of a stretch.  There are a couple of things:
- First, as I noted before, we abstract away most of the JDBC concerns to the MyBatis project, so the code that actually references the com.mysql.jdbc.Driver package is not actually anywhere in Guacamole (I don't think, anyway - could be wrong), but is actually in the MyBatis code.  That said, there should be ways to work around it.
- There's not actually any incompatibility, here, I wouldn't say - the connector will work fine once it's loaded - it's just a matter of loading the proper connector.

I'm not sure off the top of my head if later versions of MyBatis account for this change or not, or give any flexibility for finding/selecting the right one, but, if not, we could likely do something in the Guacamole code to either allow for specifying or auto-select the correct one.  It's worth putting in a JIRA issue for this, I would say.

If the MariaDB driver uses a different class, I think this would require an explicit configuration option on our part, similar to what we provide for the SQL Server support. We currently use JdbcHelper.MySQL to configure things for MySQL / MariaDB, but that likely assumes com.mysql.jdbc.Driver:


There may need to be an option to instead use JdbcHelper.MariaDB:


- Mike