On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 11:39 AM parth.mishra <parth.mishra@corecompete.com> wrote:
I've configured OIDC and the module loads correctly, I can sign in using my
IDP and I'm redirected as expected. However,  I looked at the network
console in Chrome and noticed that I get the following 404 error message
when retrieving "/openid/data/users/<username>" endpoint:

   "message":"Session not associated with authentication provider
        "key":"Session not associated with authentication

Does this mean that the OIDC extension failed and is relying on MySQL/db

No. Nothing is failing here. The OpenID extension doesn't provide data for the user account, thus the web interface receives a 404 when it asks the extension for that data. It's not really an error as much as it is the REST API communicating the nonexistence of the requested data.
Functionally, the extension seems to be working as intended. New
users are able to login and they are granted access even if I haven't
provisioned the user in the database yet. Users not authorized by my OIDC
client are unable to login as expected.

So is there something not working that I'm not aware of and I just have the
"illusion" of the OIDC extension working?

Things are working and as expected.

- Mike