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From Aram Akhavan <>
Subject guacd docker container can't access local network
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2019 07:09:12 GMT

I've successfully installed guacamole through docker and can now connect 
to the docker host with guacamole using ssh and rdp protocols. However, 
I can't get it to connect to other hosts on my local network.

It seems that for some reason the docker container can't access the 
local network. Oddly enough, from within the container I can ping my 
desktop computer, but that's it.

For testing purposes, I created an smb share on my Windows 10 desktop, 
and attempted to make a connection from a docker container. If I use the 
default ubuntu image:

/sudo docker run -itd --name conn-test ubuntu/

Then open a console in the container, install /smbclient/ and run 
/smbclient -L, I get the expected response.

However, if I use guacd:

/docker run --name some-guacd -itd guacamole/guacd/

Installing and running the same /smbclient -L gives me a 
connection reset error!

How can I connect to a host on my local network from guacd if it can't 
connect? Why doesn't it connect?



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