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From Lukáš Raška <>
Subject Re: Unable to specify upload directory in file stream
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2019 16:16:50 GMT
so after digging through guacd source, I found out it can be
controller via 482201
console code, but it seems it's not configurable via protocol API and seems
to affect sftp file transport (couldn't see it in guac_rdp_upload_file_handler,
but haven't tested on Windows yet).

Are there any plans to unify this behaviour (maybe allow setting the
directory with custom protocol and use it for other transports as well)?
Quick fix for my usecase is to ignore filesystem->upload_path in
guac_common_ssh_sftp_handle_file_stream, but that does make it dependent on
this non-upstream change.

Or is there any other option how to set the upload_path variable which I'm


st 12. 6. 2019 v 12:53 odesílatel Lukáš Raška <> napsal:

> Hello,
> we are using Guacamole as part of other application, which is mostly
> utilising just the guacamole-common-js library.
> Till now we we're using plain output stream with sendBlob method to upload
> files to connected server. However due to the 8k limitation in chunk size,
> it seems this approach is much slower than it could be. Due to this, we
> switched to similar approach as the native guacamole-client is using -
> sending the file to dedicated endpoint and then partitioning the file in
> backend into 6k chunks before sending it to guacd.
> We've successfully benchmarked this approach is faster, but we've found
> one issue with file streams creation.
> When using for example* client.createFileStream("text/plain",
> "/tmp/file.test"),* the ack is errorneous with *SFTP: Illegal filename*,
> which is caused by slash characters. When using just *file.test *as
> parameter, this uploads just fine into user home folder. So this means we
> cannot specify custom path and need to rely on the user home folder (which
> might not always work).
> Is there any way how to workaround this limitation? I've tried to look
> into
> but haven't found any option how to specify the directory itself.
> Thanks
> --
> Best Regards
> Lukáš Raška

Best Regards

Lukáš Raška

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