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From sciUser <>
Subject Re: Not clearing browser cache
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2019 18:17:11 GMT

We have beaten guacamole into submission and made it work the way we wanted
it; in a multi tenant environment, if you have multiple browser tabs (Same
Browser) opened and do not kill the cached cookie for authentication when
leaving or refreshing and a user has access to multiple VMs, you will at
times get the same VM because of the browser caching.  

Now granted our system will look for specific items like user first name
user ID and what lab they are launching from, as long as they are logged in
to our LMS and refresh the browser or close it out our API system looks for
this then passes a redirect to the Guac server.  

So deleting the cookie every time ensure that the user meets specific
In sort we don't let guacamole write any new users to the database our API
provisioning system handles all this and there is no need for LDAP which is
slow layer.

So we add the code to kill cookies to

We don't create extension but alter guacamole directly.  This works fine,
but there is a heavy degree of Python programming controlling everything.

Again we are a specific use case for virtual labs like (Udemy, academia's
(WGU, SNHU, ect...) or migrating people off AWS.   

Hope that clears up why I said just delete the cookies.

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