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From Zer0Cool <>
Subject Re: Installation script
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2019 13:57:33 GMT

I wrote the script:

The problem you are having is not an issue with the script, its clearly a
network issue.

1) Try downloading the file at that location yourself via a browser.
2) Try running the wget command yourself manually.

If the above do not work, its evident that you are having issues outside of
the script related to your network conditions.

I also noticed from your error that:

A) You are trying to install using git as the source, not stable. As per my
README, git may not work and is not try it at your own risk.
B) The URL for the git link is not correct.

Your URL:

Notice both places it reads "1.0.0". The script automatically pulls the
build number from github when the script first runs, before you even pick
the source to install from. It should currently read "1.1.0" for the git
version (I just checked this).

So your not even able to pull the proper version from github early on in the
script. This is done in line 89 of my current script (build 2019_6_6).

Point being if your having trouble with SSL/HTTPS in general, specific to
github/apache or some other network condition is causing need
to resolve those before just about any option, especially a script/automated
install, will work for you.

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